College Audition Prep

Have a high-school kid that wants to go to a conservatory? We can help him or her prepare for music theory placement exams, assist in "Highlight reel" creation, advise on entrance essay writing, and even help with SAT/ACT prep.

If your kid is getting ready to apply to college, you are most likely doing everything in your power to help them prepare. If their goal is to attend a conservatory or to study music at a university, they need to be prepared for the rigorous audition process and theory placement exams that come along with it. 

We offer lessons that are specifically geared toward developing and honing the requisite skills (aural, sight-reading, theory, performance) so they are confident about their audition.

If necessary, we have the ability to provide guidance on SAT/ACT strategies as well. Conor Leary, our founder and lead instructor, worked for 2 years as a private SAT/ACT tutor and can coach your child on SAT/ACT content and strategy.