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FAQ and Policies

- You offer in-home lessons... where? 

We will come to your home within our operating area. This includes Berkeley, Orinda, Moraga, Montclair, Piedmont, Oakland (most locations), Emeryville, Albany, and Kensington.

- How long are lessons?


Generally, we recommend 50-minute lessons for children 8-12 and 65-minute lessons for most students above the age of 12. In some cases, we can do longer sessions as desired by the student or recommended by teacher.

- How do I schedule a lesson?


You can book a lesson by calling us at (914) 409-8608 or emailing at We can discuss teacher availability and match with your schedule.


- How often do you recommend holding lessons? 


Once a week (for about 99% of students). 


- Can I secure a weekly scheduled time?

Yes, weekly time-slots are  preferred. We can only guarantee standing lesson times for weekly students.

We cannot guarantee specific day/time for students that wish to have more flexibility in their schedule or take lessons less often than weekly

- What happens if I am absent from a lesson? 

If you are absent from a lesson without 48 hours notice, the lesson will need to be paid in full regardless of attendance. Please request cancellation or reschedule via the Music Teacher’s Friend Application or email your teacher. Your teacher will work with you to reschedule the lesson for another time that week.

Late cancellations due to illness are limited to one per student per year.

- What if the teacher has to cancel the lesson?


You will not be charged in the case that your teacher needs to cancel the lesson. We will try to avoid this at all costs, but if it does happen then the student will be credited for the lesson. Your teacher will inform you of any extended vacations or absences. These can also be found on the calendar in Music Teacher’s Helper (login here).

- What happens if I have to change the time? 


We'll do our best to accommodate a new time for standing lessons that need to be rescheduled. If a new lesson time cannot be found, the student may either join the waiting list or be removed from the schedule. Remaining pre-paid lessons will be valid indefinitely and we will work with you to re-schedule on a one-off basis until a new time opens up for standing lessons

- What holidays are taken off for Acorn Music teachers?

While this is at the discretion of individual teachers, most commonly our teachers observe the following holidays: 

  • Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week

  • The last week of December and the first week of January.  

Conor is not available for lessons on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. (On some occasions, he may be willing to make himself available on those days so feel free to ask, however recurring lessons cannot be scheduled for those days)​

- What forms of payment do you accept?


Payments are accepted via Cash, Check, or Venmo. ​


Invoices will be provided to you via email and can be paid online or in person. You can also view invoice history within the Music Teacher's Helper App (login here).



- Do you charge late fees?


Payment is due 7 days after receipt of the emailed invoice, otherwise a 5% fee will be charged.



- I don't own a guitar, which kind should I buy?

First, you need to decide whether you would like an acoustic or an electric guitar. Most people start with acoustic guitars because you can just pick them up and play without needing to plug in. However, this doesn’t mean you “should” do this. It’s really up to you what sounds best and attracts you the most. If you like how it sounds, you’ll want to play more!

For beginners, generally we recommend not spending more than $300, but any less than $175 and it’s likely to be a piece of junk. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better sounding. And of course, you should always play a guitar before you buy it!

- For guitar students, what materials do I need other than a guitar?

Check out the Recommended Materials page for other materials you might need. 

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