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Our Approach

1. In-Depth Consultation

We understand your needs

2. Personalized Learning Program

We build a Personalized Plan

3. Support

We're here to help along the way

Our Commitment

Acorn Music is committed to developing student potential. We fulfill that commitment by helping students identify and refine their unique goals from the beginning. The result is a clear roadmap and meaningful milestones that help our instructors lead students through their musical journey. After years of experience crafting personalized learning programs, we’ve earned the unmatched trust of our students and their families.

1. In-Depth Consultation

Before embarking on any journey, two things must be clear: where you are now and where you’re headed. Whether we’re working with a 6-year-old beginner, a high-schooler applying to conservatory, or a parent studying alongside his or her child, our team is dedicated to understanding each student’s musical foundation. Before lessons begin, we provide an in-depth questionnaire and private consultation. This helps us craft truly unique, personalized learning programs.

2. Personalized Learning Program

After careful assessment of each student’s needs, background, and goals, we create long-term plans and lesson content. Because learning modalities differ, each instructional design is entirely customized. Unique plans include elements of technique development, knowledge acquisition, song repertoire expansion, confidence building, and performances.

3. Support

Once a student understands and commits to a plan, we're ready to help him or her navigate the musical journey. Acorn Music's instructors provide necessary support so all students achieve their goals. This can include guidance on optimal practice techniques, supplementary video content, resources to help parents coach their children at home, or swift replies to questions about plans and progress.

Ready to Get Started?

My 7-year old daughter takes private guitar lessons with Conor and is having a blast. Conor is patient, prepared and makes the lessons fun while still making them educational. He's a wonderful teacher with a well thought out and systematic approach. She continues to progress steadily and gains confidence from Conor's guidance. It's been less than a year and she's already written her own original song! Rock'n'roll hall of fame here we come!

Steve Kirsh - Oakland, CA

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