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Premier In-Home Music Lessons for Adults

Private In-Home Lessons for adults are available for:




   -Electric Bass 

   -Drums and Percussion




Are you a parent who is interested in learning along side your kid? You and your kid will both be better for it! It's no surprise that kids progress more quickly with parents who can help them practice.

True musical development is a result of lots of diligent, effective practice. Practice takes perseverance, effort, and focus. Kids between the ages of 5 and 15 need adult guidance to help them develop good habits in these areas. Your music teacher's job is to help foundational knowledge and effective practice techniques, but they only have 45 minutes of time with them per week! This is where parents come in. By taking lessons as well, you will be able to make sure that kids are practicing effectively and getting the most from their lessons. Plus you'll be learning to play that instrument like you've been meaning to!!


Are you simply an adult who wants to study guitar, piano, or electric bass? We can help you too! Our educators work with students ranging from 5 to 65. Whatever your goals are, Acorn Music can help.

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