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Premier Music Lessons for Kids

Flexible private instruction for kids age 7 and up. Instruments offered: 



   -Electric Bass 

   -Drums and Percussion


There is endless scientific evidence supporting the developmental benefits of kids learning to play an instrument. Among other things, it can help them improve "neurophysiological distinction" between sounds, ultimately leading to improved literacy and academic performance. But not all music education is created equal in this regard. Due to a lack of individualized attention, students in group settings tend to be less actively involved in music creation than those in private lessons. A recent Northwestern University study found that it's precisely through this "active generation and manipulation of sound that music can rewire the brain" 

So how can you ensure that you are helping to foster this active creation process for your kid? Sign them up for Premier Music Lessons with one of Acorn Music's professional, conservatory-trained instructors. Our teachers are armed with a wealth of musical and educational expertise, and employ a systematic approach to craft an individualized program for each student. 

When you sign up with Acorn Music, we will provide: 


----At the Program Level----

  • Formalized Program Plan that includes:

    • An Entry Questionnaire to clarify student goals and direction

    • Qualitative Goals set on a yearly basis

    • Repertoire and Performance Goals aimed at 3 performances per year


----At the Lesson Level----


Using a consistent structure makes learning easier because kids know what to expect. Typical lesson structure is as follows:

  • Warmup/discussion (5 min)

  • Play/Review previous materials (20 min)

  • Play/Learn new material and concepts (20 min)

  • Assign and discuss homework assignment (5 min, parents involved)

----Supplementary Learning Materials and the Kodaly Method----

Your teacher will employ various techniques an methods to help your kid learn. This can include flashcards, handouts, videos, and methodologies including but not limited to the Kodaly Method. 


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