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Rates and Family Discounts

Everyone learns better when they can work together with those closest to them. That's why Acorn Music provides Family Discounts to encourage parents and kids to learn music together. Discounts are offered when you sign up 2 or more family members for weekly lessons occurring on the same day.

In addition to encouraging collaboration and creating a supportive learning experience that extends beyond just the lessons, scheduling is made easier when your teacher can work with more than one family member on the same day.

1 Family Member

50-min lesson | $80
65-min lesson | $100
80-min lesson | $118

2 Family Members

50-min lesson | $71

65-min lesson | $91

80-min lesson | $108

(Rates are per student)

3+ Family Members

  • 50-min lesson | $62

  • 65-min lesson | $82

  • 80-min lesson | $99

(Rates are per student)

As a returning student to music and the resophonic guitar looking for direction, I have found in Conor at Acorn Music an excellent teacher, willing to create and encourage a learning atmosphere catered to my particular tastes and musical needs. His eclectic background covering everything from classical to jazz, contemprorary and beyond brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that has taught me not only how to pluck the notes I want but to also understand why, where, and when I want to pluck them. Music is another language, and Conor knows how to speak it, communicate it and teach it.

Conor's approach to teaching music provides a great balance between the study of music theory and applying that knowledge to the pure enjoyment of playing music. In addition to having a structured lesson plan, Conor is open to integrating any of my musical interests that arise along the way. 

The combination of musical skill and theory Conor provides is top notch. From administrative to musical, it's an efficient, enjoyable process. I'd recommend Conor and Acorn Music for any musician of any skill level and instrument seeking to explore the world of music.

Sam Peach - Berkeley, CA

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